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Be the catalyst for your child's language growth.

Our speech and language programs will help you unlock your childā€™s communication, gain a deeper understanding of their language development, and discover parent-powered interventions that you can start implementing today. No more wait-and-see or frustrating waitlists.

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Little Play Lab

Little Play Lab classes areĀ child-led play sessions that promote natural curiosity and imaginative play. Each session will include a variety of invitations to play. Your child will be free to explore and engage in the activities and open-ended toys on offer.

Caregiver-and-Me Classes

Join our in-person (San Jose and Los Gatos) baby and toddler language enrichment classes! In these classes, you'llĀ bond with yourĀ child and fellow caregivers through play, music, reading, and shared learning.

Baby & Toddler Language Lab Online

Interested in learning how to support your baby or toddler's language developmentĀ right now? The Baby & Toddler Online Language Labs beta groups are currently accepting applications.

San Jose Speech Therapy & Assessment

Interested in working with us one-on-one? We provide private speech therapy and assessments for children 5 and under and their families in San Jose, Los Gatos, Campbell, and online.

Language Liftoff

Language Liftoff is our free training that provides parents and caregivers with the information they need to better understand their child's early language development, spot differences, and how to intervene if things arenā€™t going to plan.

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Our approach is focused on teaching you how to integrate language learning into your everyday life, making it a fun and natural part of what you're already doing.

We understand the frustration of being kept on hold when you know there is something you could be doing to help your child communicate better.

Thankfully, you can learn how to better support your child's speech and language needs starting now.


You'll learn how to observe and respond to your child's communication to improve their language skills.


You'll learn what communication strategies work and how to implement them.


You'll learn how to tweak what you're already doing for optimal language learning for your child.

Show Me How

Hi there, I'm Kat!

Early intervention and education work. We know it can result inĀ improved academic achievement, social skills, and long-term employment opportunities when compared to those who did not receive intervention.

Unfortunately, not all children who would benefit from speech therapy are eligible to receive it.

Many kids are on the cusp, struggling to communicate like their peers. Parents are advised to wait and see or that their child will catch up eventually.

Sadly, even if your child is eligible, waitlists can be long and result in months without support.

We can do better.

My mission is to make evidence-based, parent-powered speech therapy activity ideas and strategies accessible to all.

You can help your child communicate.

Let me show you how.

Meet Kat

Small changes, big impact.

Kat made the evaluation process painless. We feel confident that we understand our child's language needs. With previous assessments we always had questions with little time for answers. Kat took the time to answer and explain everything in the report and how we could help our son.


Parent of aĀ 2-year-old


Parent of a 5-year-old

Thank you for all you did to help (my child) this year! Every day he would beg to go see you in the morning! We feel confident he will continue to grow even now that he hasĀ  graduated.

Kat's energy, enthusiasm, creativity, and deep understanding of my child has given me a great sense of comfort. She has made an amazing difference in our life.


Parent of a 3-year-old

Our online programs helpĀ youĀ support your child's speech and language developmentā€”no master's degree required.

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